99 Comedy Club

This stand-up comedy place has several different locations (Soho, Covent Garden, Leicester Square) and has comedy shows every day of the week. Tickets generally tend to be between £5 – £15 depending on the day and act. The biggest night is Saturday and they have multiple evening and night shows. Usually there are 3 acts with an MC in between each. Shows are 2-2.5 hours. Website

Crack Comedy Club

This club operates in several locations (Southbank, Kingston, and occasionally others) and is hosted in a restaurant or pub. The one in Southbank is held at the Slug and Lettuce and in Kingston it’s at the Grey Horse. It’s a smaller venue and they have shows several times a week. Generally it follows the traditional stand-up format with several acts led by an MC. These shows tend to feature 4 comedians, with a 10-15 minute break after the first one and then again after the third one. The fourth act is usually the headliner. Website

Jongleurs Comedy Club

A stand-up comedy club with shows most Friday and Saturday nights in Camden. A few acts per night with an MC and the venue serves drinks, meals, and snacks. They also have several other locations throughout the UK. Website

Museum of Comedy

The Museum of Comedy is actually an interactive museum featuring props, artifacts, and memorabilia about the history of comedy. Museum entry costs £5 and is generally only open in the evenings, though about once per week, they are open earlier in the day as well. At the same location, they also have a performance space, which hosts all kinds of comedy performances ranging from stand-up to magic to theater and including some family performances as well. Many of their straight comedy acts tend to be solo and around 1 hour, but they have longer comedic play performances and some more innovative acts as well. Not all performances are hosted on site – some take place in other venues such as Leicester Sq. Theatre. Tickets generally range from £10-£20. Website

Soho Comedy Club

Another stand-up comedy club with shows every Friday and Saturday night. Generally 1 Friday show and 2 Saturday shows with 3-4 acts per show. Tickets are £12 in advance. Website

Soho Theatre

Most of the comedy here is single-act stand-up comedy. It tends to be a bit different than regular stand-up as there are some non-traditional performances. Shows are generally about an hour and tickets are usually £10-£20, which is can be a bit expensive for only one act and one hour only. It’s a good option if you want something unconventional (though this can end up being good or bad) and many of their performers are at least somewhat established. Website

comedy storeThe Comedy Store

A stand-up joint in the West End that has early shows and late night shows (11 pm – which is a rarity in London). Generally several acts, one after the other, with an MC leading the show. During prime times, tickets can cost over £20, but during weekdays you can find shows in the vicinity of £15. The show is several hours long and there’s a good range of performers each night. Website