Coffee Shops

caffe nero (1)Other than Starbucks, there are two main chain coffee shops that you will frequently see around town: Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee. Both Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee are British coffee shops with an international presence. While you may end up having an individual preference, the two are quite similar in their beverage menu and food offerings. You’ll find all of the standard café drinks available at both as well as pastries, snacks, and pre-made sandwiches/soups for purchase.

costaBoth also have loyalty cards which you can use to collect points or stamps on each visit, eventually collecting enough to earn a free beverage.

We’d encourage you, though, to steer away from chains generally and try some independent coffee shops around town. While the UK is strongly associated with tea (for good reason), there are many fantastic quality coffee shops (and also many coffee drinkers) as well. See our reviews of Tap Coffee and Nude for two examples.