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New York is home to some of the most famous pro sports teams in the world and also some majorly die hard fans. It makes things fun.


Yankee Stadium (6)
Yankee Stadium

NYC is home to the Yankees, the most famous baseball team in the world, and also the Mets. They have a rivalry, but it doesn’t come close to the rivalry the Yankees have with the Red Sox. Yankee stadium is located in the Bronx and Shea stadium (the Mets) is in Queens.

While we are not baseball fans, we would highly recommend going to a game if the weather is nice. It’s really an experience and you absolutely do not have to follow the sport of baseball to go. We’d recommend catching a Yankees game over a Mets just because of its historic nature (though some would disagree). Grab a big overpriced soda/beer and a big overpriced hot dog or box of cracker jacks and enjoy the vibe. It’s a great time to sit and catch up with friends because the game is quite long and slow.

Yankee Stadium
Shea Stadium


Knicks v. Grizzles 3
New York Knicks vs Memphis Grizzlies

We are huge basketball fans, though not particularly of any NYC team (go Bulls!). Still, we really enjoy catching a game whenever we find some cheap tickets. NYC is home to the world-famous Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets and while neither team is doing well these days, we’d encourage you to catch a game. Because the Knicks have die-hard fans, regardless of the team’s performance, we’d recommend seeing them. The Knicks play at the famous Madison Square Garden, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone. The Nets play in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, which is quite conveniently located (accessible by tons of subway lines) and is actually quite a nice venue, so you really can’t go wrong.

Madison Square Garden
Barclays Center


If you’re a hockey fan, you’re in luck because the NY metropolitan area is home to 3 hockey teams. The most well known is the Rangers, who play their games at MSG. London Island is home to the Islanders and Newark is home to the New Jersey Devils, whose big rivals are actually¬†the Rangers and as such, should make for an exciting game.


NYC is home to two football teams, except that a football stadium will not fit anywhere in the city, so they are both housed in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Giants and Jets both play at the MetLife Stadium.

MetLife Stadium